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2013 Summer Lunch Program

on Mar 23, 2013 in Library News |

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226470_620354977990771_334902413_nIn our area, many children depend on the school lunch program in order to have something eat every day. During the summer months when school is not in session and that resource is unavailable, many children must do without. The need is especially great in the Brunswick area.

The Brunswick Public Library and Friends are pleased to present and prepare a summer lunch program for children at our library. We will be providing healthy bag lunches combined with a literacy activity and a free book to take home one day per week, every week for the 9 weeks of summer. This program will emphasize good nutrition with fresh food and engage minds with literacy programming and activities. We plan to provide for 50 children every week.

We are seeking $3,000 to create and run this program this summer. We are asking local businesses and individuals to consider supporting this project. We are proud of these efforts to help community children and we hope you will be interested in the opportunity to have your name or business as a sponsor for the 450 children we plan to feed along with identifying you as a supporter to their families and the nearly 25,000 people that come through our doors every summer.

We have several levels of sponsorship including the unique opportunity to completely fund one week of lunches and books, making you or your business our official sponsor of the week:

Sponsor of the Week: Donate $500 or more and you will be our weekly sponsor. Your funding will entirely pay for the food and books for any week you specify and your business or corporate logo will be in the advertising and/or signage for that week. Your logo will be on all the lunch bags that children receive their lunches in and appear as a book plate in the books the children receive. Children and families at that session will be made aware that lunch that day was brought to them by you.

Advocate: Donate at least $250 and your corporate logo will be placed on all the bag lunches the children enjoy for one week. Your name or business will be announced at the program.

Friend: Donate $100 and your name or corporate logo will appear as a book plate in the books we give away to the children for one week. Your name or business will be announced at the program.

Benefactor: Donate $50 and you will be named as a benefactor at the program. Any amount helps us bring lunches to children in our community and we appreciate your support.

Please make all funds available to the Friends of the Brunswick Library, 915 N. Maple Ave., Brunswick, MD 21716 by April 1, 2013.

We hope you are as anxious to see a program of this type come to our community as we are and are willing to help make this an amazing success for our children. If you have questions or are interested in volunteering for the program, please contact Robin Bowers at the Brunswick Library 301-600-7250 or


Elizabeth Riitano
Friends of the Brunswick Library