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In the Works

Tax dollars are not used for the “bells and whistles” often associated with public libraries. Private contributions and fundraising, managed by the Friends, enable our library to offer a higher quality of programs and services than would be otherwise possible.

The Friends of the Brunswick Library will play an active role in supporting special events for the entire community.

Exciting Times Ahead

Southern Frederick County has enjoyed high-quality library service for many years, and the Brunswick Library adds an extensive new level of service to the community. Through the Brunswick Library, the entire southern region benefits from public meeting rooms, private study rooms, and expanded reference department, and the wealth of print and audio-visual materials. Whether you have a special interest in a particular aspect of the Brunswick Library, or simply want to get together with friendly, motivated library advocates, stop by a meeting to learn more!

Top 10 Reasons to Join

While certainly not the only ones, here are the Top Ten Reasons to Join The Friends of the Brunswick Library!

  1. Meet other library and book lovers like you.
  2. Volunteer at events such as the Annual Book Sale.
  3. Support children’s programming.
  4. Underwrite special literary and educational events.
  5. Help the library staff give tours of the new building.
  6. Help the library buy more books and materials.
  7. Provide seasonal decorations.
  8. Respond quickly to special needs of the library and its community.
  9. Receive The Friends’ newsletter.
  10. Enjoy the great feeling you’ll get from helping the Brunswick Library.